Happy Birthday Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift is 29 years old an American singer and songwriter. Taylor Swift is also known for narrative songs about bassed on their life that received huge media coverage. Taylor Alison Swift is the youngest artist signed by Sony music or ATV music publishing house. Alison Swift is the only writer for her Speak Now album. It debuted at number one in United State.
Album of Taylor Alison Swift has sold more than 50 million album songs including 32 million in the U.S.
Happy Birthday Taylor Swift

Life And Career

Alison Swift was born on 13 December 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. her mother Andrea Gardner Swift was a homemaker who had worked as a mutual fund executive. Her father, Scott Kingsley Swift was a stockbroker for Merril lynch
She is the best singer at this time because many people know who is Alison Taylor Swift her song is fabulous and mindblowing her song give us to make new energy and how to be a success in life. She’s Life journey is giving us to motivate how to be a success in our life and how to achieve our goal and destination to be set on our life.
Alison Taylor Swift is the best sole writer for her 2010 album the name of the album is Speak now that is debuted at no. one in the U.S. and won two grammy awards.
Her career is beginnings from 2004 to 2008 she was the debut to her song but that time she is new in the music industry she is taking time to understand the industry how to settle on this field but she is new so they do not take to risk and take little steps on this industry and start the singing song and she noticed the people enjoyed their song and very interested to listen to them. she was getting some confidence to make improve their next performance make to smile them.

Happy Birthday Taylor Swift

2008 to 2010 Fearless to perform

The Alison Taylor Swift released her second studio album Fearless on November 11, 2008.
Taylor Swift is a famous American singer or songwriter. She gets many awards on their whole life and 2008 to 2010 is the best moment in their life because she released the lead single “Love Story” in September 2008. That is the top-selling album of 2009 in the United State

Happy Birthday Taylor Swift

2010 to 2014 Speck now and Red

Alison Taylor Swift was released “Mine” in August 2010 the lead single from her 3rd studio album Speak Now.
She was more famous than the past year and their followers and fan will be increasing day by day and she was more famous in 2014 by their Speak now and Red music.

Happy Birthday Taylor Swift

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